By David Hazzard, Editor

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One doesn't have to heed the call to Christian leadership for very long before it becomes evident that this way is far from ordinary.

Charles W. Scott said, "Leaders are ordinary persons with extraordinary determination. A leader has two characteristics. First, he is going some place; second, he is able to persuade others to go with him."

The process involved with not only "going" but getting others to "go with" you, can seem very often like a daunting, perilous and lonely task. We know. We've been there. So we take this "leadership" business seriously. Jesus takes it seriously. During his earthly sojourn he spent considerable time "training" leaders. One could even argue that his entire ministry was devoted to that one thing: training leaders.

Enrichmag.ca is the official site of "The Leadership Magazine of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada." It's a place where we get serious about our encounters with the very unique brand of leadership that is the trademark of serving Christ. It's a place where we publish insight—both the fresh and the weathered. Using this insight, within this site, if you will, we long to grow and publish a library of experience and considered opinion that is tailor-made and delivered by leaders, for leaders.

We hope that you visit often and that each visit leaves you enriched by these two things: the insights of fellow travellers and the tangible sense of camaraderie that comes with knowing that you're not alone.
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